2022 FIFA World Cup Qualification


The 2022 FIFA World Cup is fast approaching, and with it comes the excitement of qualifying for the biggest tournament in football. For many countries, this will be their chance to shine on the global stage. But how do these countries qualify? By playing in international tournaments, of course. And who decides who qualifies? The International Football Association Board (IFAB), or more specifically, the FIFA Executive Committee. If you’re looking to know more about this process and what it takes to qualify for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, read on! This article will provide you with all the information you need to know about 2022 FIFA World Cup qualification.

Overview of the FIFA World Cup Qualification


The FIFA World Cup qualification process is a long and difficult one, with many teams fighting for a chance to compete in the biggest tournament in football. There are six regions in which teams compete for two places at the World Cup: North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

Each region has its own set of qualifying rounds and requirements, with the top teams from each proceeding to a playoff system to determine the final two spots. The first phase of the qualification process consists of playing against other teams in your regional league. If you win your group, you move on to the next phase; if you lose your group, you’re out of contention for World Cup qualification.

In the second phase of qualification, known as “the playoff”, teams play against each other in a home-and-away format. The two winners of this phase go straight to the third phase – the “Concacaf Champions League”. This is a competition consisting of 16 teams from North America, Central American and Caribbean (CONCACAF), South America (CONMEBOL), Africa (CAF), East Asia Pacific (AFC), Europe (UEFA), and Oceania (OFC).

The eight winners of this competition go on to stage a fourth round robin tournament to determine which team will represent their region at the World Cup Finals in Russia. IMPORTANT NOTE: If a team from a confederation is already qualified

2022 FIFA World Cup Qualification

The Group Stages

The FIFA World Cup qualification process is a long and arduous one, with 16 teams competing for the right to compete in the world’s biggest tournament. The group stages of the qualification process are crucial, as they determine which teams advance to the next stage.

In order to qualify for the World Cup, a country must first finish in the top three of their region’s qualifying campaign. As Europe has eight qualifying spots, each country within that region competes in a group consisting of four teams. The winner of each group automatically qualifies for the World Cup, while the two runners-up face off in a playoff for the final spot.

This year’s qualification process saw some big changes, as five new countries made their debut at the top level of international football: Kosovo*, Montenegro*, Estonia*, Latvia*, and Armenia*. With so many new countries joining forces to battle it out for qualification spots, there was plenty of action on offer across all six groups.

Group A was particularly interesting, as Spain had their hand forced due to an injury to Andalusian midfielder Isco. La Roja eventually finished in first place with sixteen points, but were forced into a playoff against Switzerland thanks to their superior goal difference over Ecuador (who finished in second). The two sides met in Quito on November 18th and 19th and it was Switzerland who came out on top thanks to a 3-1 victory on aggregate. This meant that La Roja would have to beat Brazil (


The Knockout Stage


The Knockout Stage of the FIFA World Cup Qualification is a group stage consisting of sixteen teams. The eight group winners and eight runners-up progress to the Round of 16, where they are joined by four teams qualifying from the European qualifying tournament.

The sixteen teams are divided into four pots based on their World Cup ranking. The first pot consists of the host nation Russia, as well as Spain, Germany, and Brazil. The second pot consists of Argentina, Belgium, England, and Croatia. The third pot contains Poland, Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico. The fourth pot includes Sweden, Honduras, Nigeria, and Latvia.

The four group winners advance to the Round of 16 along with the four teams from European qualifying. These eight teams are placed in a single-elimination bracket with one another. The matchups are determined by their World Cup ranking at the time of draw: Russia hosts Belgium in the opening match; Argentina faces Croatia; England meets Spain; and Poland plays against Mexico.

The losers of each match in the Round of 16 face off in quarter-finals to determine who advances to Semi-finals. There are two semi-finals followed by a final game between the two semifinal winners to determine which country will be crowned world champions at this year’s FIFA World Cup in Russia!

2022 FIFA World Cup Location

The FIFA World Cup is an international football tournament contested every four years by the men’s national teams of member associations of FIFA. The final tournament has been held every year since 1930 with the exception of 1942 and 1946 due to World War II and the Cold War, respectively. Russia will host the 2018 edition which is scheduled for June 14- July 15th.

Each country that is a member of FIFA is allowed to enter up to three teams, with the hosts (Russia) being automatically entered as the first team. The remaining 24 places are allocated through a qualifying process that takes place over a period of four years. The qualification process starts with each confederation (one for Europe, one for South America, Africa, Asia, and Oceania) dividing its members into six groups based on their world rankings as of January 1st of the year before the election of the FIFA World Cup host nation. Teams compete in their respective groups in a round-robin format, with the top two teams in each group advancing to a play-off stage. The winners of these stages play against one another in a home-and-away series culminating in a final game at which the winner earns Automatic qualification for the World Cup.

In order to secure an automatic berth at future World Cups, confederations are required to hold qualification tournaments at least once every four years. As such, many different countries have been represented at various editions of the World Cup – including those who have not qualified


This year the FIFA World Cup 2022 Will be held in Qatar from November 20.


The 2022 FIFA World Cup is fast approaching and as fans of international football we are all eagerly awaiting the onset of the tournament. Joining in the excitement is the task of qualifying for this prestigious event, which means that teams all around the world will be vying for a place at Russia’s expense. If you’re looking to follow this exciting qualification cycle with us, we have put together a list of all the key happenings and results so far. We hope that you enjoy keeping up with all the latest news and developments as we march towards what promises to be an exhilarating competition.

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