Covid alert! Another new variant is spreading

New COVID-19 Variant: BA.4.6 now accounts for more than 9 per cent of recent cases across the US. The variant has also been identified in several other countries around the world\ A subvariant of the omicron COVID, BA.4.6, which has been quickly gaining traction in the US, is now confirmed to be spreading in the … Read more

Vinyl album becomes UK’s second best-selling physical format sales surpass PlayStation games in the UK

Vinyl become UK’s second best-selling physical entertainment format in 2022, according to new research. According to Entertainment Retailers Association (ERA) data, Vinyl sales have reached a 30-year high, with wax overtaking PlayStation games, DVDs, and CDs as the second most popular form of physical entertainment in the UK. Credit: Overtaking PlayStation games in the process. So far, in 2022, … Read more