5 Best Windows 11 / 10 / 8 (8.1) / 7 Themes and Skins to Download for Free


There are hundreds of themes organized into 14 categories from animals, games, movies, automotive to themes with custom sounds and panoramic themes for dual monitor configurations.

Don’t get yourself fooled by the fact that this appears like a Windows 10 wallpaper source because they also work perfectly fine on Windows 11 too.


1- 3D Theme– Best 3D theme


Why stuck on 2 Dimension theme in the time of 3D movies/videos, find 3D themes and choose your theme wisely.

If you would want a different-looking theme, you may realize that this is one great one that you can have because it looks 3 Dimensional.


The colors of this wallpaper theme may not be as bright as you would like them to be but what it can do to your eyes will not make it boring especially when you are looking at it.

Click here to Get 3D Theme

2- Ubuntu skin pack– Best Unix skin for Windows

This Ubuntu skin pack will convert the whole interface of your Windows 11, including the taskbar, buttons, menus so that it will feel like having Ubuntu installed on your PC.

The theme comes in a light version that is free but if you want to change the Windows 11 icons and extra features, you will have to pay a small fee for the whole pack.

Click here to Get Ubuntu skin pack

3- Windows wallpapers– Most popular Windows 11 wallpapers

If you are looking for nice Windows wallpaper which are free, colorful, and fit perfectly with any full resolution display, You find the best window wallpaper from official Windows 11 wallpapers that you can gift one of your friends with Windows 10 that didn’t switch to the new OS yet.

There, you will find over 50 high-resolution Windows-themed wallpapers, even a Windows 98 one that spawned lots of nice memories into our heads.

Click Here to Get Windows wallpapers

4- Chicks and bunnies– The cutest theme

It’s a free package with 14 images that will transform your desktop into the most sugary and cute space that you have ever seen.

Maybe you can’t handle so much fluffiness from the little bunnies or the small yellow-beaked puffy birds but together they might be the best present for your sensitive significant one.

Click Here to Get Chicks and bunnies

5- macOS Monterey SkinPack– Best macOS skin pack for Windows

This is not just a simple background that you just throw on as wallpaper but it’s a Windows 11 modern skin pack that will also change your icons, the taskbar, buttons, and windows.

The publisher recommends that you uninstall any other skin packs before installing this one because they might be conflicting.

Anyway, the skin pack will fool everyone that you have a macOS Monterey installed on your PC. You can try the Lite version for free.

Click Here to Get Mac OS Skin Pack

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