FIFA World Cup 2022 Schedule


The 2022 FIFA World Cup is set to take place in Qatar, and with that comes a lot of excitement. But there is also a lot of concern, as the country has not had a good track record when it comes to hosting major events. To help ease some of your concerns, we’ve put together a comprehensive schedule of all the events going on during the World Cup. From matches to training sessions and everything in between, you will be able to follow every minute of the tournament. So whether you’re rooting for your home country or just looking for some fun, we have you covered.

Team NameFIFA World Cup 2022 DateFIFA World Cup Venue
Qatar Vs Ecuador20th November 2022Al Bayt Stadium
England Vs Iran21st November 2022Khalifa International Stadium
Senegal Vs Netherlands21st November 2022Al Thumama Stadium
USA Vs Wales22nd November 2022Al Rayyan Stadium
Argentina Vs Saudi Arabia22nd November 2022Lusail Stadium
Denmark Vs Tunisia22nd November 2022Education City Stadium
Mexico Vs Poland22nd November 2022Stadium 974
France Vs Australia23rd November 2022Al Wakrah Sports
Morocco Vs Croatia23rd November 2022Al Bayt Stadium
Germany Vs Japan23rd November 2022Khalifa International Stadium
Spain Vs Costa Rica23rd November 2022Al Thumama Stadium
Belgium Vs Canada24th November 2022Al Rayyan Stadium
Switzerland Vs Cameroon24th November 2022Lusail Stadium
Uruguay Vs South Korea24th November 2022Education City Stadium
Portugal Vs Ghana24th November 2022Stadium 974
Brazil Vs Serbia25th November 2022Al Wakrah Sports
Wales Vs Iran25th November 2022Al Bayt Stadium
Qatar Vs Senegal25th November 2022Khalifa International Stadium
Netherlands Vs Ecuador25th November 2022Al Thumama Stadium
England Vs USA26th November 2022Al Rayyan Stadium
Tunisia Vs Australia26th November 2022Lusail Stadium
Poland Vs Saudi Arabia26th November 2022Education City Stadium
France Vs Denmark26th November 2022Stadium 974
Argentina Vs Mexico27th November 2022Al Wakrah Sports
Japan Vs Costa Rica27th November 2022Al Bayt Stadium
Belgium Vs Morocco27th November 2022Khalifa International Stadium
Croatia Vs Canada27th November 2022Al Thumama Stadium
Spain Vs Germany28th November 2022Al Rayyan Stadium
Cameroon Vs Serbia28th November 2022Lusail Stadium
South Korea Vs Ghana28th November 2022Education City Stadium
Brazil Vs Switzerland28th November 2022Stadium 974
Portugal Vs Uruguay29th November 2022Al Wakrah Sports
Ecuador Vs Senegal29th November 2022Al Bayt Stadium
Netherlands Vs Qatar29th November 2022Khalifa International Stadium
Iran Vs USA30th November 2022Al Thumama Stadium
Wales Vs England30th November 2022Al Rayyan Stadium
Tunisia Vs France30th November 2022Lusail Stadium
Australia Vs Denmark30th November 2022Education City Stadium
Poland Vs Argentina1st December 2022Stadium 974
Saudi Arabia Vs Mexico1st December 2022Al Wakrah Sports
Croatia Vs Belgium1st December 2022Al Bayt Stadium
Canada Vs Morocco1st December 2022Khalifa International Stadium
Japan Vs Spain2nd December 2022Al Thumama Stadium
Costa Rica Vs Germany2nd December 2022Al Rayyan Stadium
South Korea Vs Portugal2nd December 2022Lusail Stadium
Ghana Vs Uruguay2nd December 2022Education City Stadium
Serbia Vs Switzerland03rd December 2022Stadium 974
Cameroon Vs Brazil03rd December 2022Al Wakrah Sports
To be Decided03rd December 2022Khalifa International Stadium
To be Decided04th December 2022Al Rayyan Stadium
To be Decided04th December 2022Khalifa International Stadium
To be Decided05th December 2022Al Thumama Stadium
To be Decided05th December 2022Al Rayyan Stadium
To be Decided06th December 2022Lusail Stadium
To be Decided06th December 2022Education City Stadium
To be Decided07th December 2022Al Wakrah Sports
To be Decided9th December 2022Al Bayt Stadium
To be Decided10th December 2022Khalifa International Stadium
To be Decided10th December 2022Al Thumama Stadium
To be Decided11th December 2022Al Rayyan Stadium
To be Decided14th December 2022Lusail Stadium
To be Decided15th December 2022Education City Stadium
To be Decided17th December 2022Stadium 974
To be Decided18th December 2022Lusail Stadium

Location of the FIFA World Cup 2022


The FIFA World Cup 2022 will be held in Qatar. The country has been selected to host the event because of its excellent infrastructure and weather conditions. The tournament will take place over a period of ten days, from June 14 to June 30, with a total of 32 teams participating. There are 16 groups of four teams each, with the top two teams from each group advancing to the knockout stage.

How to Watch the FIFA World Cup

What: FIFA World Cup
When: 20 November
Where: Qatar
Who: 32 teams (24 in Europe, 6 in South America, 4 in Africa)
How to Watch the FIFA World Cup:
The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be broadcast live in the United States and Canada on networks including ESPN, Univision, Fox, and Telemundo. In the UK and Ireland, BBC One will show all 64 matches live while Portugal’s RTP1 will show 34 matches. Germany’s ZDF will air 30 games live with nine simulcast matches. Sweden’s TV4 will air all matches from the group stage and quarterfinals. All other countries airing the tournament can be found here. The full match schedule can be found here. 
Fans of teams such as Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Colombia, Croatia, England, France, Germany Italy , Mexico , Peru , Spain , Uruguay and many more can watch every single game of the tournament by purchasing a World Cup pass which is available for purchase at this link or by visiting any participating retail store starting one week before each match. If you are unable to attend any of the games or would like to watch them on multiple devices at once check out our guide on how to watch the FIFA World Cup on multiple devices.




The FIFA World Cup 2022 is just around the corner, and with that comes all sorts of excitement. To help you keep track of all the action, we’ve put together a comprehensive schedule of everything happening in Qatar during the tournament. From Group Stage matches to the Final match, this schedule has it all. So be sure to check it out before making any plans!

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