When Will Be FIFA World Cup Qualifiers Held?


As soon as the FIFA World Cup qualifying draw was made, the buzz around soccer fans all over the world started to swirl. This is because qualifying for the biggest sporting event in the world is always an exciting event. Who will be playing in which countries? Who will make it to Russia? Now that the qualifiers have started, there are questions still lingering; for example, when will the matches be held? As of now, FIFA has not yet released a specific date for when the qualifiers will start. However, they have stated that they will release more information “soon”. So stay tuned! In the meantime, you can check out this handy guide on how to watch FIFA World Cup qualifiers live online.

When will FIFA World Cup Qualifiers be held?


FIFA World Cup Qualifiers will be held in Qatar in november 22.

FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

What are the dates of the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers?

The FIFA World Cup Qualifiers will be held from november 20  2022 to 20 December2022


Winners Of FIFA World Cup?


The FIFA World Cup is the biggest and most prestigious international football competition in the world. Held every four years, it is contested by the top national teams in the world. The tournament starts with qualifying rounds, which are held around the world in order to allow as many countries as possible to compete. The best teams from these rounds advance to a Group Stage where they compete against each other for a place in the final tournament.

As of 2019, there are 207 countries that are members of FIFA. These countries are divided into six regional associations: Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Oceania. Each association has its own qualifying process, which usually starts with a series of local tournaments. The winners of these tournaments enter a qualification tournament called the Confederation Cup (or just Confederations Cup), which decides which country qualifies for the World Cup.

There are a number of ways that countries can qualify for the World Cup. Some depend on their position in FIFA’s rankings (known as ‘the world football family’). These rankings are based on how well each country has performed over the past two years (including both domestic and international matches). Other countries qualify if they make it through a play-off stage (similar to how UEFA Champions League clubs qualify for Europe’s top club competition).

Some qualifiers take place during regular season matches (known as ‘major championships’) while others take place during pre-season tournaments


It’s that time of year again – the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers are upon us! If you’re looking to watch some of the best soccer in the world, now is your chance. Here are the dates for all of the qualifying rounds: ###

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