Why Should You Study Finance?


Finance is the study of money, banking, investing and all things financial. It’s an important field to learn because it gives you the tools to make informed decisions about your money.
If you’re interested in pursuing a career in finance, this course will teach you everything from basic accounting principles to advanced risk management techniques for asset classes such as stocks and bonds.


Career Opportunities

Why should You Study Finance?

Finance is a broad field, and there are many different career opportunities within it. Some of the most common jobs include:

  • Investment banker
  • Financial analyst
  • Portfolio manager
  • Financial advisor (retail)

Developing Financial Skills

Why should You Study Finance?

Finance is a broad field that covers everything from investments to insurance, banking and accounting. If you study finance, you’ll learn about how companies raise capital, how money moves around the world and what makes financial markets tick.
You may also get an opportunity to develop your quantitative skills by studying math-heavy subjects like statistics or calculus. These skills can be useful in many industries outside of finance such as healthcare or engineering where data analysis is essential for making decisions on behalf of clients or patients respectively.


Financial Knowledge

Why should You Study Finance?
  • You will gain a thorough understanding of financial concepts.
  • You will be able to apply this knowledge in real-world situations, such as making decisions about your own finances or helping others make better choices.
  • The skills you learn can be used throughout your life, from managing your personal finances to making career decisions that involve money (e.g., choosing which school to attend).

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Financial Literacy


Financial literacy is an important skill to have. It’s the ability to make informed decisions about your money, whether it’s for your personal finances or for your business.
Financial Literacy can help you:

  • Understand how money works
  • Make smart financial decisions
  • Avoid getting into debt

Financial Planning

Why should You Study Finance?

Financial planning is a process that helps you prepare for the future. It involves making decisions about how you will use your money and what resources are available to you, so that you can meet your goals and needs.
Financial planning can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming! If you’re interested in learning more about financial planning and how it might apply to your own life situation, studying finance could help give some context for understanding how different investments work together as part of an overall strategy.


Investing and Trading

Investing and trading are two of the most important skills you can have as an investor. If you’re going to be successful in this field, it’s crucial that you understand the basics of investing and trading.
Investing is simply the process of putting money into something with the expectation that it will grow over time. Sometimes this growth comes from interest payments on loans or dividends paid by companies (like stocks). Other times it comes from appreciation in value–that is, when someone buys your investment at a higher price than what they paid for it originally (like real estate). Investing isn’t limited to just stocks though; there are many different types of investments available today including bonds, mutual funds and even cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin!.

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